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A recent study has found that repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is effective in treating depression. The results showed that the majority of patients experienced a significant reduction in symptoms, with some even achieving complete remission.

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The combination of TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) treatments and Ketamine Infusions is gaining national attention as a powerful way to alleviate Treatment Resistant Depression. For more information or to schedule an assessment call or text us at 330-754-4844.

Bipolar Disorder

“My provider and I always look for the latest technology and research for my bipolar depression, and as soon as Spravato was available, he recommended I come to Ascend and meet with Dr. Molina. After four sessions, I almost started crying because I was still suicidal, so the nurse anesthetist added a ketamine injection and it was like a switch turned on in my mind. That was months ago and I still have bad days sometimes, but I feel like a real human again and I’m not suicidal or as depressed anymore.” -Christine G.

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder with alternating cycles of depression and mania. It is characterized by unpredictable changes in mood and impaired social function.

Manic episodes may include symptoms such as elation and unpredictability, sleep loss, and loss of touch with reality, while depressive episodes may include symptoms such as low energy, low motivation, and loss of interest in daily activities. Mood episodes last days to months at a time and may also be associated with suicidal thoughts.

How We Help

Neurotransmitter issues, environment, and genetics can play a role in bipolar disorder. Talk therapy, psychiatric medications, and innovative, evidence-based treatments such as ketamine infusions are all treatment options. Bipolar disorder does require a certain precision with nasal or intravenous ketamine, so a holistic and methodical approach is best. For example, ketamine infusion therapy is used during the depressive phase to ease the symptoms of depression and stimulate new neural growth, followed by talk therapy sessions to integrate emotional experiences and heal trauma.

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Bipolar Disorder


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