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Smoothie with a Smile

Nurse Anesthetist Nick teamed up with Chef Cat and Nurse Bridgette from A 2 Z Living Well Solutions for this informative series on eating healthy without sacrificing taste. Diet is an important part of pain and mental health management. Depression, anxiety, and neuropathic pain are worsened by inflammation. Inflammatory, processed foods are a clear culprit. Once we can clear the fog from stimulants, opioids, and sedatives that work so well in the short term and so poorly over time, we can better listen to our bodies and take charge of our own health. Subtitles below the videos for your reading pleasure.

Smoothie with a Smile
Wellness is a Journey

hi welcome to ascend health i am i’m bridget zamarowski r bsn and i’m chef kat alaimo and we are co-founders of a to z living well solutions we are so blessed and thankful uh nick angelus of ascend health has given us the opportunity to bring to you today a smoothie and this smoothie is perfect in time for health um a healthy start to your spring okay so we’re in northeast ohio doesn’t matter snow sunshine all you need is a smile when you make your smoothie that’s going to help lift your spirits up and we’re going to jump right into how to make it okay great well chef kat yes we’re going to get started with a smoothie like you said yes and do you want to introduce some ingredients that we have here for surely so the feature of this smoothie is really to point out the safe sugars versus sabotaging sugars as nurse bridget will go through kind of the health of what sugars are safe and what sugars are not i will go through the culinary aspect of what sugar still tastes good you want something sweet you want something delicious nutritious though and we’re going to dive right into that so the best way i would say to start any smoothie is you need a great strong powerful blender okay so we got a great blender ready to go here something that’s going to chop up the ice very important right so the next step is picking out your favorite fruit here we have just some wonderful organic blueberries they are frozen and i like using fruit that’s already frozen even if it wasn’t you didn’t buy it frozen from the grocery department i still freeze it myself just so it kind of adds that sweetness but the coolness as well that i’m looking for in the smoothie so i’ve added the ice cubes here i’m going to go ahead and add two cups of frozen blueberries now i just want to bring your attention to this uh this this coloration right here this is right from the blueberry and this juice here has antioxidants so each fruit has a different antioxidant profile and what gives it that different color so blueberries have this red look different fruits have different colors to it so we want to make sure we eat the rainbow and chef cat loves saying not skittles right okay so we are going to get blended it’s a loud process and stuff before i start the blending i think i’m going to add a couple more ingredients and just show you how to add layer by layer uh what kind of items are great in a smoothie here if you’d like to close up we have a nut and seed mixture this is a wonderful way to get some extra protein into your diet but it’s it avoids the nuts if there’s any allergens we of course have some great nuts here as well here we have some cinnamon that we will be adding to the smoothie but not cinnamon sticks like this we’re going to be adding ground it’ll be ground and then we have a little bit of vanilla as a very low calorie nutritious way to add flavor and we also have a couple different sweeteners here we have honey but what we’re going to feature today is actually going to be a molasses okay so this is a really unique sweetener that you wouldn’t think of first thing to put in your smoothie but as a chef it’s really important for me while working with a nurse to find alternative healthy ingredients and that’s what we’re really about with a to z living well solutions is finding wonderful foods that taste good easy and great to make for your family great to fuel you at work but i really want you to be um to use that food as fuel and so molasses if nurse bridget you want to talk about why i’m using molasses absolutely absolutely so molasses is an interesting ingredient has a unique flavor you may know molasses as your you know gingerbread cookie flavor profile and it has a very unique flavor but the key here about this molasses is that it has a ton of iron in it iron in a form that we can actually absorb and digest easier than those little iron tablets that you may find at the pharmacy this particular molasses has 36 percent of your iron recommended daily dose so you know women who have low iron counts low blood counts that’s going to be something that you’re going to want to take in it also has other minerals included in there so chef kat i notice that you just added a couple ingredients what are you adding now we added some nuts i have brazil nuts i have almonds i have cashews i literally took all of my favorite nuts and i added them in here we are always of course observant of allergies so depending on who our client is and who we’re serving that may not always be an ingredient in your home but you could certainly swap those out for those lovely sweet seeds there so one trick i always am showing people of how can you get in and out of the kitchen faster right it’s all about speed and efficiency so this is pan spray you’re putting pan spray in the smoothie no okay not exactly tell me i’m using pan spray as a tip to loosen the product from the uh sides easier so anytime you use honey you use molasses what happens it sticks right and it really doesn’t come out nice so let me just show you here what this will do a little pan spray goes a long way so i’m going to take this molasses now and you’re going to see it’s just going to come clean right out of here so what i’ve measured isn’t going to be lost in the cup and typically when you’re making your smoothie this size for about two people you’re going to want to add about two tablespoons molasses to get that full recommended daily value of your iron and also when you’re purchasing your molasses you’re going to want to make sure it’s organic unsulfured molasses correct and as you could see that’s pretty clean we have very little residual left over so to me it’s really important to get all the best quality and not lose any bit of my ingredients finally here i’m going to add this is a mixture of heavy whipping cream and a little bit of kefor kefir kefir is a what would you call it like a yogurt it’s like a yogurt thinner but it still has probiotic compilation to it just like a yogurt would however kefir actually most times doesn’t have any sugar if you just get the uh plain flavored kefir correct so now’s the fun part i’ve already added some um vanilla i’ve added some nuts i’ve added the fruit we have the ice cubes it’s about to get loud are you ready ready okay here we go

and this just combining together is really where the smoothie gets fun and you’re gonna see all the colors collaborate we’re gonna turn it up

excellent so i have the start of a wonderful smoothie there’s a couple ingredients that i like to actually heighten everything up with and what is it usually well uh chia seeds yes yes so chia seeds is a really fun unique uh little seed they are full of let’s omegas if we can get a close-up on it looks like black pepper that’s the best way to explain it there’s absolutely no flavor whatsoever so they’re my go-to for moms for um for anybody who is looking to increase their nutritional value i say add them to eggs add them to smoothies add them to whatever you want really um because what you’re getting is all the nutritious value right so you’re going to be getting calcium from your chia seeds you’ll get some omegas from chia seeds it has different mineral content to it and it’s a really great easy way to just sprinkle on some nutrients and you can also do a lot of fun recipes with chia as well so cat’s going to blend it up adding a little bit of water

great and what this water did was just kind of help loosen it up the sides obviously there’s a rage out there have you heard of them smoothie bowls oh yes they’re outstanding they’re really dense um they’re really dense they’re heavy kind of but so light because they’re basically fruit with all sorts of toppings if i were going for a smoothie bowl i would have probably left this in the very thick state i’d put that in sort of a nice bowl and then i would add coconut more nuts and seeds any sort of good stuff and then i drizzle it with something like honey maple syrup if you wanted that extra sweetness but the molasses really gives a lot of sweetness there too so the goal of making any smoothie any ingredients in the kitchen is really about your time as i mentioned and the health of it so for me i chose the smoothie because we have the iron correct from the molasses we have the protein from the nuts we have the protein from the seeds with omegas with various minerals um can we talk a little bit about the sweetness because we use molasses which was kind of untraditional do you want to talk a little bit about the different we have xylitol here honey and stevia sure well i pour these up absolutely just in time so um in just a moment you’ll be seeing our hosts arrive but let me talk about this first ingredient here which is xylitol so this right here looks very much like sugar if you could see that that’s it looks very much like sugar and it acts like sugar too however the glycemic index is lower than sugar making this a little bit easier on our bodies xylitol comes from either birch or it also comes from corn this particular xylitol comes from birch trees so next we have our stevia so this is a a drop stevia which it comes in a liquid form and this one happens to be flavored chocolate and sealed tight so i can’t open it but

here we go thank you nick i don’t be able to do it either that’ll make it even funnier right right this will be the bloopers yeah yeah yeah so that one got nothing that’s that’s sealed that’s okay oh there we go there it is awesome here we go elbow grease actually arrived a few minutes ago i was like they’re doing really good and i have nothing to add just for a while and then i go welcome so i was like well you showed up right in time because it looks like we had just the first one so you can go ahead and taste that wow that is good timing very good timing try that out now i did something else you could show yes just real quick that’s really good good pass the test okay perfect perfect so stevia is a really great ingredient as well stevia is actually a plant it’s it’s um it’s called the sugar bush known as known in ohio so this is not a plant obviously they took the nutrients and squeezed it up and made a little liquid here but sugar bushes or stevia bushes grow prolifically in ohio you can grow your own sugar right outside your door take the leaves off the bush crush them up put them in your smoothie and that’ll add some sweetness completely natural oh well i always thought stevia was something exotic from madagascar or something yeah and you know what maybe it grows there as well but yeah stevia grows great in ohio it loves our soil and it’ll grow into a nice little bush you can actually line your you know your whole garden with these stevia bushes now one very important thing to keep in mind stevia it is a sweetener natural sweetener there’s a lot of fake sweeteners out there so a lot of times when they have all those key codes zero sugar this and that sometimes they’re using artificial sweeteners what we like to do at a to z living well solutions and of course educate the ascend health center viewers is really educate and so um something about stevia is it’s a very strong so a little goes a long way but again you’re just getting the essence of a plant in this form here right so i have another tv ready smoothie and that is something that we have already made our berry smoothie okay with molasses i have here nick if you’d like to try not do i like try or do i get the whole thing you you could get the whole thing okay this here is another one i want to talk about the ingredients that are really special and unique and would obviously make anybody smile while making a smoothie so this one go ahead you could double paste it if you like we should try this too yeah i would love some smoothies we need some smoothie thank you okay so that which you are tasting is a banana and dandelion wow okay so that is um dandelion is in the form of a obvious prolific weed a lot of people like to call here in ohio but it’s really awesome for your health and nurse bridget has all the tips on how dandelion is so great for your health oh great yeah dandelion so the way you’re drinking the dandelion it actually comes in this powder right here which is called uh dandy blend and basically it’s a blend of dandelion roots with chicory root and it’s roasted and the flavors really come out of the root but it also gives like a coffee mocha kind of flavor so when you use dandelion root and chicory root you can use a have a coffee substitute or you can make yourself a little mocha in your smoothie there but there’s tons of nutritional value to the dandelions it’s great for your kidneys it’s great to purify the blood in traditional chinese medicine dandelion root is very very important to their healing actually also to our bees dandelions are so important to our bees yes yes because so right now it’s spring just about spring and it’s snowing or it’s really cold outside and the ground’s frozen again but the bees are starting to wake up and they need some food thank you now it’s a party that’s a party here we go we got the taste testers hey cheers too so uh the bees are waking up they need some food dandelions are the first flower with the tulips and the daffodils first flowers coming up and we need to save those dandelions so we can help our bees eat and we know that bees are really good for pollinating and we need our pollinators to get the uh the fruit trees and all that it’s neat too because in greek cuisine dandelion is very important so my mom would get a knife and go cut dandelion wherever she could find them yes sometimes i tell like you cannot leave this bag and this knife and this rope in my car no one’s gonna believe that that might look a little silly officer it’s just the get the dandelion but she would like risk her life for dandelion drinks wow so i grew up eating dandelions all the time that’s great it’s prolific in the italian culture as well a lot of italians know the benefits from the old country and um they have a lot of tonifying for the liver and stuff and i think when my grandparents would make italian wedding suit for instance they would always be putting stuff in there as kids you’re like wait what are you putting in there it’s like don’t worry about it right so it’s never going to get on the official recipe anyway yeah yeah so we’ve come to love and know the importance of dandelions and it’s awesome that this is a company out of northeast ohio that makes this dandy blend it’s called dandy blend um just to help you guys it’s really important that you keep it uh air sealed so there’s no moisture that gets to it because it’s the root so any time the root is dried out it just well and also they formulate it in such a way that you can blend it cold and it’s not going to get all chunky and powdery and you know gross it dissolves pretty quickly so it’s a perfect blend there but also just to add to our dandelion discussion dandelion greens are nice and bitter and we know that we need to have bitters in our in our food because it stimulates our gallbladder stimulates the liver like you had mentioned and eating a bitter food with a heavy meal is going to help you digest your meal a lot better right absolutely sorry that all i have to add is strange stories in my late 20s i like felt gallbladder pain and my dad had his gallbladder out at 28. so i was like wow i don’t want surgery i’m a nurse anesthetist i have no interest in undergoing what my patients go through every day right exactly and that gets the swedish bitters and i just took some every day and eventually i felt better and i’d never had a problem since yeah excellent because your gallbladder is one of those issues where you totally should try something natural because we all know what the surgical approach is like we’ll take it out that’s the end of it right so if you can try something else that’s one where you know it’s a great idea to take whatever herbs you needed see if you can get your gallbladder working again exactly and the gallbladder is so important because it’s a it’s basically a sac right it’s a bladder and it holds digestive enzymes i had no idea of that from the liver that’s news to me we’re all learning things today but it’s very important that you have your gallbladder to digest your food properly and if you don’t have your gallbladder you got to supplement with digestion enzymes and continue to eat your bitter greens this is one of the reasons that we started a to z living wealth solutions it really was to uh exemplify how food is fuel and how it it really has purpose in your life you have the history and the memories of your greek origins my italian origins but then the food just kind of brings people around the table that’s okay the starting point there’s conversation there’s gathering there’s fellowship but then it’s what quality of food are we eating of course i you know in an italian family you grow up on sunday it’s manja manja manja but on monday you got a diet and and that was really a challenge as a chef growing up is you know all this great food but i’m not allowed to eat it all because it’s not all good for you or there’s moderation and stuff that word so what i uh have kind of worked with nurse bridget with and she’s our path finding nurse for a reason because we all got to eat we all want to eat some of the foods that you grew up with and you have these memories over but it’s really about finding good quality food so just to go back to our sugars safe sugars sabotagers do you want to talk about one of the sabotages that we kind of sometimes get

okay so what this is is a little juice from whoever whoever it’s not to be mentioned xyz company and basically it’s it’s a cranberry juice right which you know we we know cranberries are good right we know juice could be good oh let me have this with my breakfast or lunch but really i want to bring your attention to we have to read the ingredients so even though it says cranberry juice on the front and it looks like cranberry juice we’re going to flip it over to the back and we’re going to find out what it really is what is it really well the first ingredient is water okay water’s okay but the second ingredient sugar oh sugar you would think cranberry juice right yes and that would be that would make sense if you’re drinking cranberry juice but really this is cranberry cocktail and a lot of cranberry juices that are sold in the stores are actually cocktail which means it’s a cocktail of water and sugar and other sweeteners to make it palatable because it’s a bitter but it’s a party but sometimes not all parties are good parties it’s something it’s something and uh this this particular cranberry juice actually has 40 grams of sugar in this little tiny bottle now 40 grams may not mean too much to you right at the moment but when i tell you a man his maximum amount of sugar he should have in a day is 38 grams of sugar now all of a sudden this 40 grams it’s gotta put into perspective you know you can have 38 at the max this is 40. right so you’ve already maxed yourself out for the entire day and if you drink this for breakfast you don’t yeah you’re done you’re done and i’d rather portion it out a little bit more wisely than just some boring cranberries you said yeah just drinking sugar water with some red dye in there so if you want to know the best way to get your sweets in okay we’re getting into the summer in northeast ohio what’s the best way i’m sorry it may not be lining up at the ice cream stands we all have a place for that in a time but the best way to get your natural sugars is sweets and sweets is found in fruit fresh fruit yep so the safest way to eat sweet is with your fruit so we’re getting into a really awesome time we live in northeast ohio we’re very blessed with the agriculture that’s around here at a to z living well solutions it’s really important that we source locally whenever possible we support our farmers and one way you could do that is uh making a trip out of it a fun day trip out of it there’s a lot of berry you pick farms so when the berries are picked for your ripening get in the car grab some friends you could go and fill baskets literally baskets wide of the freshest berries that literally grew miles from your house it’s really wonderful for your immune system it’s great for your social life now i should have cat i have to ask you yes when i go and pick all these berries and all these fruits i have so many because i’m so excited i’m just grabbing all that i can and then i get it all at home and i either eat it all at once or or i have to have everybody over to have some fruit fruit cocktail with me but what can we do if we pick a lot of fruit and we can’t eat it all at once iqf is the word iqf it’s it’s a acronym for individually quality frozen okay so i’m holding bananas i’m talking about berries but we really mean berries bananas but whenever you get your fresh my botany skills are a little long wherever you get your fresh fruit in season in abundance there are opportunities to elongate the shelf life of it how do you do that well don’t put it on the shelf because you’ll have bugs everywhere but what i do for example for bananas but we’re using berries as an instance here what i do is i take a sheet tray i put down parchment paper or wax paper or a silicone mat and i literally piece by piece i just put them on there they’re not all bunched up piled high it’s it’s individual that’s where that eye comes with the q and the f so i individually i just spread it out let’s just say it’s just spread out onto the sheet tray they’re not touching so they’re not like going to be a frozen clump yes that’s the point of individually quality frozen so then i put that into the freezer okay i it could be a few hours you pull that out and they will all be these very individual hard chunks of the berry of the banana obviously you would peel that and you would you would then just take it and put them into a bag you could vacuum seal them some people choose canning that’s another method outside of iqf but i always suggest if you’re getting things in abundance the freezer is a modern invention that we have to our benefit we can utilize it but it’s really about not wanting to get something undescript out of the freezer not knowing it what it was a little freezer how long ago yeah so that avoids the freezer burn because it’s not just all a huge clump and that’s really important when you’re trying to save money eat well and live well speaking of eat well i am really enjoying this and i just well i think it’s time for us to take our pseudo commercial break yes oh good so i can so this has been ascend and a to z and we’ll be right back in just a few seconds thank you

welcome to the ascend health show i’m your host nick angeles and you’re so confused right now as far as why am i drinking a smoothie it’s a really good one too i’m here with chef kat and nurse bridget from a to z living well solutions hello and you probably missed our last show which is where these were made but we thought it was such a good time that we’ll just continue and talk about a few more things to run out of things to talk about so from ascend health center where i’m one of the owners i’m a nurse anesthetist we deal with mental health we have psychiatry counselors we do ketamine infusions sprovato which is a similar nasal spray and also transcranial magnetic stimulation which right now you’re thinking well i don’t understand what smoothies have to do with any of that but the idea is that of a holistic healthcare so sometimes all you need is a smoothie and then you’re done and you don’t have to take pills and then other times you do need intensive medical treatments until you get to the point where the nutrition does make a quick difference in your life but because it requires a holistic approach and any patient or client it’s hard to say immediately like oh this will fix you because we’ve all seen those websites like the grapefruit juice or our special no offense to what you said in the last episode but our special stevia blend or this or like this is the key and you can waste a lot of money doing that or you can just simply narrow down to exactly what you need well that’s why you need a to z living well solutions so we are the proud uh co-founders and owners of a to z living well solutions we’re based in akron ohio and we serve all over northeast ohio with box lunches with a healthy message and our goal in life at this point right is really to educator and do you want to talk a little bit about what edu catering means to a to z yeah absolutely so just to add what nick you were saying about it takes a team approach and obviously we have three very unique positions here we’ve got a nurse next to us i’m a anti-inflammatory nurse holistic nurse and we have chef kat here and so three different areas of life but they’re all very important so we’ve got the health domain but then chef kat here she’s got the food category here and they all have to work together and so what we do is educators education and catering mix and we like to educate people on what they’re eating why they’re eating it how to swap out harmful ingredients and get yourself the proper nutrition so that you can enjoy life absolutely i remember i had a patient once who said you know i wasn’t depressed anymore when they put me on geodan but i also wasn’t awake so i talked to the psychiatrist and i was like i think this is cheating i’m not depressed i was like no no no this you’re not suicidal this is great and sometimes it’s that way with our food where we’re like okay i’m sad but i’m eating this bland food and i know i should be healthy and i feel that doesn’t really count as health this very cautious like okay i’m doing everything i’m supposed to maybe i’ll live for a long sad life like that’s not the goal of anything no no no no you want vitality you want longevity and a lot of foods actually when you sit down with the right intentions as i like to say and you produce a meal there’s so many emotions that go into it and you should have an experience when you’re cooking or when you go out to eat and such and that’s why i think that being connected to your food in some way is really important so we kind of say give professional tips we call them pro tips but basically a lot of those pro tips are focusing on how to live your best life while eating a meal while preparing the meal while even at work if you go out for lunch and you come back really slow your employer’s not going to be too happy either so we really um we cater to corporations schools and institutions and we really bring them healthy food but not like we’re not giving you celery sticks and calling it a day we don’t call it granola crunchy you know some people call like that we we call it really restaurant quality food that makes you crave and enjoy it but also when you’re done eating it we consider that as food as fuel so yeah we want you to feel energized from the food that you’re eating and uh we’re choosing specific menus designed to give you the maximum nutrition but also to give you the most bold flavors and that’s where chef cat really shines so does it need to be a subtle change or for example i think during the obama years where they change the school lunches and that was like a bunch of kids threw away peaches like that was what happened but at the same time if you’re giving a similar if it’s a similar food it’s just healthier ingredients is that like a better segue or yes i would completely agree our whole premise is that we know people like eating comfort foods you know there are people enjoy chocolate smoothies like the banana smoothie you’re eating but we just want to swap out different ingredients like instead of adding um you know chocolate and sugar and chocolate syrup and stuff like that we’re going to add a dandelion blend that gives a cocoa mocha flavor but you’re gonna get all these nutritional values added and not have all that extra sugar and it’s also energizing like when i’ve had dandelion mochas like i’m sure some of it’s a placebo effect where it smells like coffee tastes like coffee oh i feel the caffeine yeah but it is almost a different kind of plant energy where you just feel your cells working a little bit better exactly exactly plus there’s that whole like pat yourself on the back like right you did a really good job for drinking that smoothie but is there a limit to that too i know we’ve talked about this before bridgette of where people get so intense into their health yes that i think our last discussion is because i just listened to it again yesterday and we made the point of like that person at the party who’s eating the kale chips that’s what i was thinking all along like in the corner by themselves eating those celery sticks and they feel good and they’re proud of themselves but like everyone around them is like i don’t understand what’s happening here yeah yeah now we want to give a good balance between the two extremes because we don’t want you eating processed foods all day long every day because that’s your body’s going to turn into a donut basically but we don’t want you sitting in the corner by yourself eating a celery stick and segregating yourself because they’re eating processed foods so that’s where we like to bridge the gap between health and food i was going to say wealth but that’s wealth is it’s energy i think it’s intertwined because when you feel good you just have a stature about yourself you have confidence and such and so um we have some things that we’ve established in our business called guiding wellness principles and those kind of just bring us back to what what are we really after here and one of our guiding wellness principles is understanding what is the sad diet and we want to lead you to glad okay so that’s why i said health and wealth it’s all about rhyming a to z you know we’re really trying to get and i’m like with it here you know there you go we’ll just do limericks like straight limericks for everything so so anyways we um we really try and show people you know we’re you’re above average you’re more than standard so you should eat above standards and the standard american diet for a long time has given a disconstrued way of picking out what are the best foods for your body and i like to think that everybody’s body is different and so we use the sad and then we go to glad and the glad diet is really just about focusing on good ample nutritious foods and we go through that with all of our clients but i’d love to invite them to visit our website perhaps that would be a great way to get in touch with us yeah it’s a2zlivingwell.com correct yes

from health to wealth what if they say well what about my wealth like do i need to give up all my wealth so i can eat healthy because that’s obviously a concern a lot of people have like i just can’t afford it gas prices are up my broccoli costs too much so what do you say

well one of our most famous things that we used to say is you’re going to spend it now on your food or you’re going to spend it later in a hospital bed oh so you’re saying that they can see me in a little bit or they can visit you now right okay yeah that makes sense i think there’s everybody’s got a place okay so there are times that people will need certain services health-wise but if you could grab rain and control of your health from uh even wherever you’re at we meet you where you’re at to say hey are you drinking only soda every single day well let’s start incorporating some really good filtered water are you snacking after midnight well how about you eat like the way that you eat very heavy in the morning lighter at lunch and then even lighter at dinner time so your digestion track has a way to catch up some people choose different ways to um do the intermittent fasting and such so there’s various approaches to health but it’s just starting one step in the at a time and that’s the key is that we we don’t expect everybody to change everything immediately clear out their cupboards you know go go crazy and only buy organic and non-gmo everything now that’s that’s later in the future and you know even if you if you even get there but just like chef cat is saying you know let’s start with the most basics what’s your main source of water is it pop is that how you get your water in can we switch that can you start drinking more water and maybe one pop a week or something like that and so chef cat mentioning the small steps in the right direction are eventually you’re going to stack on those small steps and you’re going to have a big result and also to add to your um you know discussion with the health and the wealth you know chef cat in the episode previous was mentioning about the um the abundance of our land that we have we’re coming into the springtime and the summer time and there’s farmers markets there’s local farms driving around you know in in wadsworth i know there’s some farms around here you pick uh berries and fruits and things like that so sometimes you’ll be able to get them cheaper buy them in bulk right and you’re also saying it’s not inevitable like you don’t have to start on this journey then at some point you’re going to be like what’s what’s the name of those of those pumpkin seeds if they don’t have individual names i’m not interested yet if we listen to our bodies we can know okay this is enough for now or this is because that’s what i think is the most fascinating about diets there’s so many ideas but you simply have to even if something resonates with your brain your body might say you know what this isn’t working for me sorry and then you have to no matter how how much you’re like this is a philosophy that i really like that it really makes sense for my body right if we pay attention to our bodies that’s where we can tell like no this isn’t working for me well you’re greek right it’s all greek to me the greek word for diet is dieta and the true meaning of that where it originally intended was lifestyle and so that’s what we try and really share about is how to take hold of your lifestyle not just monday morning manchester you know it’s it’s about uh understanding that there’s a lot of days in the week seven maybe some say and um i don’t know why i said that but you know there’s people don’t like mondays yes they don’t really count i can’t mondays but um with every day that ends in y we’ll say it that way there’s an opportunity to make a good choice so it’s not you know it’s great when you get on a program and you want to clean some things out and you want to call nurse bridgette or hopefully it’s before you get to nick but he’s a good segue it’s about really living with intention every day so if you want to have that special treat on that one day there’s still three other meals mostly uh to choose a better option as the day progresses so the more you kind of attack not a diet is just so regiment although there’s times and places for it it’s really great to understand that diet means lifestyle and how are you choosing to live one bite at a time right no that makes sense because greek italian cultures they are like let’s eat a lot let’s eat together yeah someone will be offended if you don’t eat all this food right and so if you start cooking a bit more healthy then you can kind of get into that without because i know my parents they get confused because let’s say i gained weight and they’re like don’t eat that much but but our culture says you need to eat a lot so it was just a really funny thing to watch where they wanted us to eat all this food but also not eat all this food yeah yeah it’s that monitoring that daily balance i guess right so no that makes a lot of sense for sure and working through the confusion you know to also understand that every second that you everything that you put to your mouth you know smoothie it’s good smoothie very good that’s a choice that i’m making and i’m choosing to eat this right now and i could choose you know on the earlier show i could choose to drink this sugar water that says cranberry juice on it or i could choose to get my sweets from fruits you know so every single uh meal that you have is a choice every drink that you have is a choice and maybe you know you make three not so great choices but then you make three better choices so i mean are you where you at in that and probably eating with intention with mindfulness can start with a smoothie yeah because a lot of times there’s plenty of research that if you slow down when you eat when you really pause and like the food itself is more nutritious but you can’t go from eating mcdonald’s to like well why don’t you bake yourself some shepherd’s pie and really think about each bite so a smoothie is a really good transition for those five minutes you’ll have that okay i’m paying attention to this and then slowly you can grow into more right right right yes yes that’s you know okay so i have a funny story now so um it’s i i grew up on fast food i’m not gonna lie that’s that’s pretty much all my parents fed me uh they’re wonderful parents i love them very much but that’s what they knew to feed me right and it was quick and easy and so i remember going to um a fast food place with my dad and he got his food and we’re pulling out the parking lot and he’s already got the wrapper ripped open and like the it was it was a taco and the taco is gone within like two minutes of getting it in the car and i remember like looking at my dad like wow you really ate that fast um why’d you eat that so fast and he’s like well if i don’t eat it fast it doesn’t taste good and that i mean i was a little girl when he said that and that stuck with me like why do we have to scarf down our food right for it to taste good when we can sit here and savor certain things and really enjoy each flavor correct you know our tongue knows quality right if you really give it a chance to think about what it’s eating so then the mindfulness doesn’t work if you’re eating something terrible because then your brain’s like wait what are we doing yeah why am i eating this nasty tasting thing i can eat a lot so i know you guys were really nice with brand names and all that but i won’t be so i went to ihop because they had this great pancake all you can eat special yeah and literally about i don’t know 20 pancakes in or something my body almost oddly was like we’re done here

i’ve got room for one more pancake but it was almost an audible voice of like no we’re done you are done this is god’s peace

is that is that my cholesterol like what’s going on here well it’s about balance right that’s super brown yeah but it’s challenging too because a lot of times like i i’m sharing with you bridget how i did a study on all the ensure and those kind of protein drinks and now even in surgeries we’ll give them pre-operative patients and the patients do great instead of going eight or twelve hours without anything to eat or drink before surgery they better wound healing they don’t need as much pain medicine and some it doesn’t even make sense but it it is well this is what the body uses for fuel it’s food and if you don’t have it you’re not going to heal as quickly right but then even if you know modified corn proteins can do that for us imagine if you actually spent the time to make something like this yeah you give your body real raw nutrition right and for some people that is like a first step of okay let me have a nutrition drink but then it’s that is one where you can’t really stop there yeah what i said earlier about i think people are more willing to start if they realize okay there’s not some destination we’re all saying like look i know that cauliflower is on sale it’s a really good deal but i better get the organic one instead yeah i think if you have more flexibility yes one of our mentors says health is a journey not a destination and i think that’s important to keep in mind is that you’re really it’s just a day-by-day thing absolutely so if people want to reach you they can go to your website correct and oh i did have one question from the last episode you had mentioned how you can freeze foods individually yes everyone’s confused right now but this whole all the show is is me trying to learn things so do take like we’re really here for you it really it’s it’s nick’s show which is really embarrassing since i showed up late for the last one but anyway so do you take like the blueberries individually or like how individual are you talking about this the blueberries individually you put them on just like single layer just a single layer that makes sense yes and then once they’re frozen you can do whatever you want then once they’re frozen they’ll just pop right off and start putting them in bags i use a lot of little parchment layers so i can you know it kind of prevents them from clumping once they’re in the freezer right so mm-hmm i have a youtube video i’m gonna have to watch it because yeah unfortunately i’m the opposite where sometimes i’m like well i guess i should take this fork out of the tupperware before i toss this in this yeah

and our youtube page definitely has some tips that are just sometimes silly and fun that is you know just cooking at home how you can become faster how you can become more efficient and have of course tasty food absolutely and then if you want to reach us at ascend health center at simply ascendhealthcenter.com our phone number is 330-754-4844

and we treat a lot of anxiety depression we do some pain management on opioids and really we’re good for a lot of those confusing disorders where you’re not really sure what it is migraines fibromyalgia even some long coveted sort of issues because that’s a lot of what happens when you aren’t eating the right foods your body is unsure what messages to send yes you can’t even tell what your symptoms are so we’ve we have a lot of patients i’ve been to six seven eight different specialists and they’ll tell me like oh it’s all covered by insurance it’s like well it’s partially covered it’s basically like a really bad groupon is what’s happened here that’s real funny and so but and so that’s why it makes sense to find substitutes to eat healthy because no matter what’s wrong with you you know it’s gonna start getting better as you eat yeah right even if it’s subtle and you still need some other source of medical treatment you know that you know sugar and simple carbohydrates and the wrong kinds of fat are not going to help you so well speaking of that i’m sure you’ve seen non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that is something really curious that’s becoming more and more problematic right and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease for those of us who may not know is basically the liver is turning into fat right it’s getting clogged up turning fat typically we saw that with just alcohol use but now we’re seeing it with the processed foods and um you know that’s that’s something that we have to be aware of that if we’re eating too much sugar in general organs could be shutting down because of what we’re eating right you know and yes you’re going to help with things that we don’t know what’s happening but also you know every single food option that you’re eating is fuel for that body that you’re feeding you know absolutely food is medicine and you’re right because i work in a lot of gi places and it’s almost an epidemic at this point yeah where it’s simply like because it used to be when people in holistic medicine used to talk about detoxifying and we got to support your liver that the usual medical response was like this is ridiculous your liver takes care of all this but that’s a case where your liver is like no actually i can’t yeah it’s getting overburdened right and i remember the first time seeing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in the clinical practice and it was a 30 year old man he was a police officer and i was like are you sure you’re not drinking like are you sure there’s something that you’re not telling me about i did the same thing like like i didn’t believe it like yeah like he’s just like and he he’s like no i swear i don’t drink alcohol and i’m like okay i can really think about this here because i’m seeing an alcoholic liver but as we’re finding out it is more problematic and people really do have to pay attention to what they’re eating absolutely and starting with a smoothie is good good option well i think this is a good time to end the show because i’m almost done with my smoothie i’ve been drinking it i better say this whole time just so i won’t get it taken away from it but uh thank you all for joining us again this has been uh ascend health center and hse living well solutions and we’ll see you on our next show thank you thank you

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