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A recent study has found that repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is effective in treating depression. The results showed that the majority of patients experienced a significant reduction in symptoms, with some even achieving complete remission.

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The combination of TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) treatments and Ketamine Infusions is gaining national attention as a powerful way to alleviate Treatment Resistant Depression. For more information or to schedule an assessment call or text us at 330-754-4844.

WGL -Season 2: Episode 6: Exploring the Scapegoat in Family Systems Theory

Join Matt and Victoria as they invite Laurie Bohrer into the studio to discuss what it means to be the scapegoat in family systems theory. 

Scapegoat originates from the Bible’s reference to a goat upon which Aaron cast all the sins of Israel and then banished to the wilderness. The goat, though presumably blameless, was essentially punished for the sins of the people of Israel. Christ became a scapegoat for the Jewish religious leaders, because the truth he spoke threatened their authority and power in the system.

In family systems theory, scapegoat refers to the identified member(s) that pay the price for the immorality of others, as well as are a target of blame when outcomes are not what one hoped for. Family members will project their own unresolved issues, shame, guilt and fear onto the scapegoat as a means to deflect attention away from their actions/behaviors. 

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