A recent study has found that repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is effective in treating depression. The results showed that the majority of patients experienced a significant reduction in symptoms, with some even achieving complete remission. Read More.

Tough Conversations with Kids

This holiday season, how will you start difficult conversations with your children? Psychotherapist Rodney Long, LISW talks about how to discuss school shootings, sex ed, and other important topics. When kids feel free to discuss challenges as they occur, it becomes easier each time. As usual, Rodney and Nick spend most of this episode of Ascend Health Show laughing at each other.

Practical Healing

[Music] hello and welcome to the Ascend Health show I’m Nick Angeles I’m a nurse anesthetist and one of the owners of ascent Health Center and I’m here with Bethany ortlip a nurse practitioner which I’m so excited that I have a fellow nurse on the show yeah I know I was excited to see … Read more


Welcome to the Ascend Health show I’m your host Nick Angelis I’m one of the owners of AscendHealth Center and I’m here with Lisa Schaefer LSW LICDC RYT they get all of them yeah well welcome back to the show thank you it’s great to be here so last time we talked about yoga we … Read more

Trauma & the Brain

hello and welcome to the Ascend Health show I’m your host Nick Angelis I’m one of the owners and I’m a nurse anesthetist of AscendHealth Center and I’m here with Victoria got broad who is an LPCC-S at Renew Counseling Ministries yeah one of the founding Partners there’s four of us there and how are … Read more

Yoga and Addiction

Therapist, Yogi, and Reiki Master Lisa Shaefer, LSW, LICDC-CS, RYT-200 from Carve Your Own Path, here in Copley, discusses yoga and addiction with nurse anesthetist Nick Angelis, MSN, CRNA. There’s a continuum in mental health between simple movement and posh inpatient rehab retreat facilities. As we continue to delve deep into spiritual topics on Ascend Health Show at the Wadsworth Community Television studio, common threads emerge. You’ll recall our last guest, Sonic Shaman, today’s energy practitioner, or, for our next show, a Christian trauma counselor from our friends at Renew Counseling Ministries.

Spirituality and Mental Health

Do I need Jesus or Xanax? Nurse anesthetist Nick Angelis discusses difficult topics as a Christian and a clinician with Hank the Sonic Shaman. The medical system can’t answer spiritual questions. Unmet expectations can harm our mental health, substituting truth and sincerity for shallow self-righteousness. The first step is to know ourselves. Are Psychedelic and indigenous medicines reconcilable with faith and science? What about ketamine? With so much potential to heal, can it make people worse the way marijuana hasn’t lived up to the medical hype?

Wellness is a Journey

0:00:24.080,0:00:28.480 welcome to the ascend health show i’m your  host nick angeles and you’re so confused 0:00:28.480,0:00:33.120 right now as far as why am i drinking  a smoothie it’s a really good one too 0:00:34.160,0:00:39.520 i’m here with chef kat and nurse bridget from a  to z living well solutions hello and you probably 0:00:39.520,0:00:44.320 … Read more

Smoothie with a Smile

hi welcome to ascend health i am i’m bridget zamarowski r bsn and i’m chef kat alaimo and we are co-founders of a to z living well solutions we are so blessed and thankful uh nick angelus of ascend health has given us the opportunity to bring to you today a smoothie and this smoothie … Read more

Hardship is Great

Nick Angelis: Hello, and welcome to the AscendHealth Show. I’m Nick Angelis. I’m the owner of Ascend Health Center and I’m a Nurse Anesthetist. And today I’m with Rachel Whitehawk from Whitehawk Ranch. And there is an accordion backstage, but Rachel has refused to play it. Even though this show would be so much better … Read more

Nutrition with A 2 Z Living Well Solutions

Nick Angelis: Welcome to the Ascend Health show. I’m Nick Angelis. I’m a Nurse Anesthetist and the Owner of Ascend Health Center in the Akron area, and I’m here with Bridgette from A2Z Living Well Solutions. How are you today? Bridgette Zmorowski: I’m very well. Thank you. Thanks for having me, Nick. Nick: And we’re … Read more

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