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A recent study has found that repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is effective in treating depression. The results showed that the majority of patients experienced a significant reduction in symptoms, with some even achieving complete remission.

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The combination of TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) treatments and Ketamine Infusions is gaining national attention as a powerful way to alleviate Treatment Resistant Depression. For more information or to schedule an assessment call or text us at 330-754-4844.

Anti Depression or Pro Joy?

In this episode of the Ascend Health Show, Nick Angelis discusses the importance of discerning quick fixes in the context of health and mental well-being. He emphasizes the need for individuals to educate themselves and seek professional guidance before making any decisions regarding their health.

Tough Conversations with Kids

This holiday season, how will you start difficult conversations with your children? Psychotherapist Rodney Long, LISW talks about how to discuss school shootings, sex ed, and other important topics. When kids feel free to discuss challenges as they occur, it becomes easier each time. As usual, Rodney and Nick spend most of this episode of Ascend Health Show laughing at each other.

Practical Healing

Bethany Ortlip, FNP from Practical Healing discusses functional medicine and empowering patients with Nick Angelis, CRNA. Cutting-edge TMS, ketamine infusions–or breathing and eating better? What happens when we get too obsessed with our health? Chiropractors, naturopaths, nutritionists, psychiatrists–how much is too much?

Trauma & the Brain

How do the frontal lobe and limbic system affect trauma? Can we “unstick” the brain from painful memories without patronizing or justifying? Victoria Gutbrod, LPCC-S from Renew Counseling Ministries here in Fairlawn, Ohio, and Nick Angelis, CRNA discuss the latest research about our complex nervous systems. The brain can be reborn, and the spiritual imagery asks all manner of thought-provoking questions about God, Xanax, and the role of psychiatric and psychedelic care.


Nurses, doctors, teachers--all of us in the helping professions are facing a crisis. What do we do? How do we maintain the fire to help people without being taken advantage of or needing to be helped ourselves? Lisa returns to the show with a full list of resources from Carve your Own Path so we can live and thrive between the extremes of martyrdom and self-indulgence.

Yoga and Addiction

Therapist, Yogi, and Reiki Master Lisa Shaefer, LSW, LICDC-CS, RYT-200 from Carve Your Own Path, here in Copley, discusses yoga and addiction with nurse anesthetist Nick Angelis, MSN, CRNA. There’s a continuum in mental health between simple movement and posh inpatient rehab retreat facilities. As we continue to delve deep into spiritual topics on Ascend Health Show at the Wadsworth Community Television studio, common threads emerge. You’ll recall our last guest, Sonic Shaman, today’s energy practitioner, or, for our next show, a Christian trauma counselor from our friends at Renew Counseling Ministries.

Spirituality and Mental Health

Do I need Jesus or Xanax? Nurse anesthetist Nick Angelis discusses difficult topics as a Christian and a clinician with Hank the Sonic Shaman. The medical system can't answer spiritual questions. Unmet expectations can harm our mental health, substituting truth and sincerity for shallow self-righteousness. The first step is to know ourselves. Are Psychedelic and indigenous medicines reconcilable with faith and science? What about ketamine? With so much potential to heal, can it make people worse the way marijuana hasn't lived up to the medical hype?

Wellness is a Journey

Continuing our smoothie episode, Chef Cat and Nurse Bridgette talk about ways to eat delicious, nutritious food as part of a sustainable plan to live healthy.

Smoothie with a Smile

Nurse Anesthetist Nick teamed up with Chef Cat and Nurse Bridgette from A 2 Z Living Well Solutions for this informative series on eating healthy without sacrificing taste. Diet is an important part of pain and mental health management. Depression, anxiety, and neuropathic pain are worsened by inflammation. Inflammatory, processed foods are a clear culprit. Once we can clear the fog from stimulants, opioids, and sedatives that work so well in the short term and so poorly over time, we can better listen to our bodies and take charge of our own health.

Why Eat Healthy?

Of course, eating nutritionally dense food does so much more than help us lose a few pounds. It’s a sustainable way to better health. In the interview, we mention how ... Read more
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